Week 3 Master Keys Oct 8/17

Week 3 was a breakthrough moment for me, I’m very happy to say.

The focus was on clarifying our Definite Major Purpose, our what is it I want in life, our Dharma’s.

It was a huge day because at the end of it, I certainly was more clear. It’s almost humorous because how hard should it be to put our goals on paper? But as anyone knows that’s going through this self awareness experience, the Master Key Experience, it really is quite a challenge!

It’s not just identifying the goals or where we want to be, it’s so much more than that. What are we willing to sacrifice. What are my emotions as I envision achieving the goals. It;s the who, what, where and when. The more I clearly identify, put on paper and speak about the goals, the most realistic and achievable they become.

This weeks webinar instilled encouragement and belief in myself. A ton of clouds went away and it just all of a sudden made sense. I do realize the DMP is everything, but man oh man oh man I was struggling with defining it.

Thanks to the team for keeping me get dialed in! Mark, The fab Davene, Gigi, Dayna, you are all wonderful and so down to earth and real! I’m loving this experience and loving life more everyday!

Ryan, I promise that my DMP Revision is going to shock you this week….lol

Live, Love and Laugh!!!

Cheers everyone!






Week 2 Master Key Blog

Wow this was an almost overwhelming Webinar. So much information to comprehend and understand. I certainly understand why we are taught to read and re-read the lesson. To listen to the Webinar a second and third time. To take notes. To sit still.

When I say almost overwhelming, I mean there are so many thought provoking metaphors that make so much sense. There is so much inspiring and intriguing information. So many new and unconventional ways to now begin processing and thinking life that I’ve never been exposed to before.

These are foreign methods that I need to begin incorporating into my daily routine. There’s just so much exciting information, it all makes complete sense, but yet it’s all so foreign from the normal.

I know I need to not put put so much pressure on myself as I have this week, to not let myself feel overwhelmed, but to look at each small step forward as a significant achievement in itself and let those successes snowball and manifest into something bigger.

What is my main purpose? What Do I really want? The re-birth of my¬† soul…WOW! That’s big!

Thought + Feeling= Belief!!

Onward and upwards they say!! Baby steps and consistency and enthusiasm!





Master Key-Week 1 Sept 24, 2017

Greetings everyone!

The journey has begun, with many emotions. What journey and what emotions you ask?

I’ve known in my heart for many many many years that I was underachieving in life. I was not who I knew I wanted to be and who I knew I had it in me to be.

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to this training course that is THE vehicle to allow me to change my life. I need it to. After a small amount of analysing and deliberating, I knew that the saying that I love to quote almost daily, ” the definition of insanity is doing the same thing time after time and expecting a different result”, definitely applies now.

I logged into week 1 webinar. I listened intently. I took notes. it has officially started, my journey.

I’ve read, I’ve sat still, I’ve read and read and thought and thought and analysed myself and the world and people and society around me.

I’m 4 days into a six month long training that has already changed me in small ways, how I think, how I process. I cannot begin to describe the optimism and internal excitement that I have about my future and the future of the important people in my life that I plan to have a postive influence on!!

My new favourite colour is Gold by the way!!!